Proper Waste Collection Dubai Establishments Need

The Emirate of Dubai is an active proponent of sustainable growth and environment protection. In recent years, it has experienced rapid economic growth, massive industrial and urban development, and a significant increase in population – factors that have caused its waste production to consequently rise. As a response to the situation, the Dubai Municipality has pushed policies that enforce proper waste management and disposal to effectively build a sustainable urban environment.

Al Sumood is one of the waste collection companies in Dubai that hold a license to collect, transport, and dispose waste. The license reflects our compliance with the strict regulations set by the Dubai Municipality. For those that need professional services for waste collection, Dubai residential and commercial establishments can turn to Al Sumood.

Sustainable Practices for Garbage Collection & Disposal in Dubai

As one of the leading waste collection companies in Dubai, our garbage collection, transport, and disposal services our geared towards:

  • Creating a clean and healthy environment for the public
  • Improving quality of life through a hygienic and sanitary environment
  • Helping commercial and residential establishments properly manage and dispose waste
  • Mitigating the negative effects of industrialisation while protecting the environment
  • Opening new opportunities to recycle and reuse
  • Assisting the Government in implementing its environmental policies and objectives

Excellent Services from One of the Top Garbage Collection Companies in UAE

Al Sumood is properly equipped with the necessary resources to manage and dispose a variety of wastes. In addition to our extensive fleet dedicated to garbage collection and disposal, our team of professionals are all trained and qualified to perform their duties according to a high level of professionalism and excellence.

If you want your commercial or residential wastes to be gathered and disposed of the proper way, Al Sumood’s team of experts will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Proper management and disposal of wastes is just one aspect of our diversified services. To know more about our company and what we can do to help you or your business, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our staff are more than happy to be of help to you!