Expedient & Cost-effective Business Setup in UAE

Dubai is one of the fastest growing metro cities in the world in relation to its economy. Naturally, many entrepreneurs and businesses would want to participate in its growth and harness the economic opportunities it presents. For those interested in setting up a company in the UAE, Al Sumood is one of the trusted business set up companies in Dubai that can help you throughout the entire process for business setup in UAE.

Tailored business set up services in Dubai and the UAE

Foreign investors can opt to establish the following major types of businesses: companies, partnerships, branch offices, and free zone companies. Regardless of the type of organisation you are eyeing, you can rely on our business set up services in Dubai to expedite the process, make it streamlined, and eliminate delays, errors, and unnecessary expenditures along the way.

Our Dubai business setup experts will help you fulfil all legal requirements and secure the necessary documents and permits on time. Through our company setup services, we enable entrepreneurs and companies in Dubai to realise their objectives according to their expected timeline.

Whether you need a commercial license for trading, an industrial license for manufacturing, or a professional license to be an eligible service provider, we will help you secure it and allow you to start your commercial operations immediately. We can also help in processing other requirements, such as visa approvals, trade license registration, Emirates ID application, and more through our PRO and DHA Dubai License Services.